Evolving with Your Influences

I think fall is one of the worst seasons. I think its only redeeming trait is that Halloween falls within that time frame, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. My highlight of Halloween Weekend 2022 was a set by Wasted Eternities in Pomona. They were kind enough to agree to an interview, and talk about the longstanding evolution of their band.

Hyperaware: I was wondering if you could say your name and what you play?

Alejandro: My name is Alejandro. Alejandro Rodriguez. I play guitar and I sing.
David: I am David Monroy. I play bass, and sometimes I do backup vocals.
Abdi: I am Abdi Corado, and I play the drums like shit [laughs].

Hyperaware: Before starting this band, did y’all know each other.

Alejandro: Yes! Okay, I knew David since he was in kindergarten and Abdi since he was in seventh grade. And then around eighth grade, we started, you know, doing stuff. 

Hyperaware: Did y’all connect through a mutual like of music, or similar interests? How did that happen?

Alejandro: We were just a bunch of kids that didn’t know how to play shit, and were just like, “Hey, I know that one song! Do you know that one song? Do you want to do that one song?” And then we just played that one song.
David: We all had the same band class, so that’s pretty much why.
Abdi: Long story short, drums were on the roof. Drums brought down, let’s play! That’s the most shortest story you’re ever going to get of us performing together.

Hyperaware: And in terms of major influence, for Wasted Eternities, what would you say they are?

Alejandro: Okay, so that’s the most difficult part because when it comes to Wasted Eternities, the inspirations change. Like, throughout the years they change. For example, Ruins [2021], the EP may be different from “Hindsight” [2021]. It may be different from the next one, or the next one. For example, right now, some major influences I have, some of them are Motörhead, Slayer. And most recently, Silence iz Mind (SIM) from Japan. They are this really cool, reggae-ska punk band (pointing at his vest patches).
Alejandro: (showing more of his patches) And I have more stuff over here, that are some local bands that I support. And then I have [Wasted Eternities] on the back. And you know, it’s just a bunch of influences, like Metallica, Mostly Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera, all the good stuff.
Abdi: Just one of the biggest inspirations, Slipknot, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer…
David: Basically, the Big Four, thrash metal, along with our other interests.

Hyperaware: I don’t want to keep y’all for too long, but do y’all have a plan for releasing new music?
Alejandro: No, [laughs]. To put it shortly, we don’t have a single plan, but we plan on figuring it out.

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