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  • DJing as a Language

    It was through word of mouth I was first introduced to Rose. She was the person to have in mind when you wanted to go out on my campus. I came to know her through various interactions, and finally got to interview her before she graduated. ***I did this interview sometime towards the end of […]

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  • Evolving with Your Influences

    Evolving with Your Influences

    I think fall is one of the worst seasons. I think its only redeeming trait is that Halloween falls within that time frame, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. My highlight of Halloween Weekend 2022 was a set by Wasted Eternities in Pomona. They were kind enough to agree to an interview, […]

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  • More Than a Robot Band

    More Than a Robot Band

    When Hyperaware as a zine was born, I already knew who I wanted to feature in the first published interview. During the summer, I ended up going to a backyard show in East L.A. Ishiki happened to stand as one of the bands I distinctly remember from that night, to the point I immediately followed […]

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